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RECOMMENDED: Manifesto: A Life on the Hyphen

In their new article in Digital Humanities Quarterly Hélène Huet, Suzan Alteri, and Laurie N. Taylor from the University of Florida reflect on the challenges of engaging in “invisible work and life on the hyphen — between the academy and the library and between the human and the digital.” “Manifesto: A Life on the Hyphen: Balancing …read more

RECOMMENDED: Recoding Relations

Recoding Relations, a podcast produced out of the Symposium for Indigenous New Media (#SINM2018), addresses best practices and models to support Indigenous peoples and research in the digital humanities. The creators currently offer four episodes: People Over Tools Indigeneity in DH Decolonial Digital Remediation Each of these episodes addresses intersections between Indigeneity and DH, in …read more

RECOMMENDED: ‘Leading Lines’ Podcast

Cliff Anderson (Vanderbilt University) produces the podcast Leading Lines, which focuses on “creative, intentional, and effective uses of technology to enhance student learning.” The episodes include interviews with a variety of experts across fields and around the globe, and they address issues ranging from digital literacy to data ethics. Recent episodes include discussions about teaching …read more

RECOMMENDED: Beyond Open: Implementing Social Scholarship (INKE)

In 2018, Implementing New Knowledge Environments Partnership (INKE) brought together nearly 60 researchers, students, librarians, and academic-aligned groups to explore topics of scholarly communication, open access, and community engagement at Beyond Open: Implementing Social Scholarship. Published as a special issue by the same name in the journal KULA: Knowledge Creation, Dissemination, and Preservation Studies and …read more

RECOMMENDED: Archiving DH, Part 3

In March of this year, dh+lib Review highlighted “Archiving DH Part 1: The Problem” and “Archiving DH Part 2: The Problem in Detail,” published by the University of Virginia’s Scholars’ Lab on their blog. They have just published “Archiving DH Part 3: The Long View,” written by Brandon Butler, Amanda Visconti, and Ammon Shepherd. The …read more

RECOMMENDED: “Empowering Librarians to Support Digital Scholarship Research”

Eleanor Dickson (HathiTrust), Harriett Green (Washington University), Amanda Henley (UNC Chapel Hill), and Terese Heidenwolf (Lafayette College) recently presented “Empowering Librarians to Support Digital Scholarship Research” at ACRL 2019. The presentation discussed the findings of their three-year study “Digging Deeper, Reaching Further: Libraries Empowering Users to Mine the HathiTrust Digital Library Resources” (DDRF), a project …read more

RECOMMENDED: The Cornwall a-book: An Augmented Travel Guide Using Next Generation Paper

David M. Frohlich, Emily Corrigan-Kavanagh (both University of Surrey), et al. have published “The Cornwall a-book: An Augmented Travel Guide Using Next Generation Paper” in the Journal of Electronic Publishing. Their article describes the creation of two editions of an augmented book, or “a-book,” that serves as a guide to Cornwall. From the paper’s abstract: …read more

RECOMMENDED: Data Stewardship Week in an Academic Library: An Overview

Caitlin Harrington, Kenneth Haggerty, and Rachel Elizabeth Scott (University of Memphis) have published, “Data Stewardship Week in an Academic Library: An Overview” in College & Research Libraries News, which discusses the creation of a library-wide event called Data Stewardship Week (DSW) at the University of Memphis (UM) Libraries. The event aimed to present best practices …read more

RECOMMENDED: Bethany Nowviskie, “from the grass roots”

Bethany Nowviskie (CLIR, DLF, University of Virginia -> James Madison University) recently spoke at Research Libraries UK, a conference held at the Wellcome Collection in London, and she has posted her talk, “from the grass roots.” Confessing that she’s “not a believer in dispassionate and disinterested neutrality,” Nowviskie problematizes neutrality in libraries and academia generally, …read more

RECOMMENDED: A Season of Women in Culture and Technology, Europeana Pro

Europeana Pro recently launched an initiative, Season of Women in Culture and Technology, a series of posts spotlighting leading women in the digital and GLAM sectors through interviews and profiles. The initiative aims “to empower women and increase their participation in the digital economy,” and “highlight the achievements of both modern and historical women.” Posts …read more

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