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Ramkumar on “What are some of the easily understood examples on small-world networks”

I am looking for more examples to explain the ‘small world’ network phenomenon.
I am working on an article on the same. An example which I have taken up is – a modern well connected cluster of villages.
Smart and digitally enabled cluster of villages …

kdonovan11 on “Harvest Historical Twitter Data”

I would like to capture tweets from last year which centered on a particular social movement in Kenya. Many of them were sent or retweeted by @ConsumersKenya, so simply getting an archive of their tweets within a certain timeframe would be quite helpfu…

aelang on “Good 3D scanners to use alongside a 3D printer?”

I have the chance to get a 3D scanner alongside a 3D printer for a DH-lab-to-be, and although there’s lots of useful posts here about 3D printers, there doesn’t seem to be much about 3D scanners. If anyone has any recommendations or tips, I’d be glad t…

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