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Editors’ Choice: The Quilombo Activists’ Archive and Post-Custodial Preservation, Part II

… I learned about Carlitos da Silva’s story while conducting archival research at the Articulation and Advisory Team to Rural Black Communities of the Ribeira Valley (EAACONE, formerly MOAB, the Movement of Peoples Threatened by Dams), an Eldorado-based civil society organization that defends the territorial rights of quilombos residing in the Atlantic Forest of São…

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Report: AI, Ethics and Society

About the report: Last week we held a conference on AI, Ethics and Society at the University of Alberta. As I often do, I kept conference notes at: : AI Ethics And Society. The conference was opened by Reuben Quinn whose grandfather signed Treaty 6. He challenged us to think about what labels and…

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Announcement: Mapping Early American Elections – Essays, Maps, Data and Tutorials

From the announcement: Today the Mapping Early American Elections team is making their final release of maps, data, and essays for this project. We have four main elements that we are adding to the site, in addition to the hundreds of state-level maps of Congressional elections during the first-party system that we have already released….

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Resource: How Can a Collaborative Online Syllabus Address the Historical Roots of Contemporary Issues? – The #ImmigrationSyllabus, Part I

From the resource: One of my undergraduate colleagues at Rutgers, now Dr. Evan Taparata, revealed that he and numerous other scholars had collaborated at the University of Minnesota to develop the #ImmigrationSyllabus website about immigration concerns in history. As I read through the online resource, I realized that these scholars had already achieved many of…

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Report: NULab Spring Conference 2019 on “Digital Storytelling”

From the report: On March 29, 2019 the NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks hosted its third annual Spring Conference on the theme of Digital Storytelling. This interdisciplinary conference highlighted work and research of Northeastern faculty and graduate students with a keynote address given by Jessica Marie Johnson, Assistant Professor of History at Johns Hopkins….

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Editors’ Choice: (Re)Animating Queer Life(after?)Death – Queer/ing Multimodality and/as Practicing Mourning

Content warning: This post will explore topics relating to anti-queer violence and death. In Digital Death: Mortality and Beyond in the Online Age, we see an interestingly multimodal argument for agency beyond the grave. Since, “digital technologies are increasingly intertwined with physical environments” (p. 111) myriad technologies  are offering an embodied mourning experience. Living Headstones…

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CFP: Innovation Award, The Library Company of Philadelphia

From the CFP: The Library Company of Philadelphia Innovation Award will be awarded to a project that critically and creatively expands the possibilities of humanistic scholarship. The recipient will be selected by a committee of leaders in higher education, grant-awarding organizations, and research libraries and cultural heritage institutions, and the award will include a $2,000…

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CFP: Special Issue of Intertexts – Epistemology as Border(land)s in the Age of Globalization

From the CFP: From Anzaldúa’s Borderlands/La Frontera poetics (1987) of articulating reformulations and provisional syntheses, to new technological pathways for infinite distribution across different borders (e.g., social media, gaming), to the recently discussed epistemological rupture in the Anthropocene, epistemology as border(land)s in the age of globalization thus provides powerful discursive and aesthetic strategies for cultural…

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Resource: How to build a website with Blogdown in R

From the resource: Want to build a website right in RStudio? blogdown is an R package that allows you to create websites from R markdown files using Hugo, an open-source static site generator written in Go and known for being incredibly fast. You can read more about the differences between WordPress and Hugo (and other…

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